Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wild Thing Modification on Pathfinder Vest

wild thing...you make my heart sing...you make everything...groovy...WILD THING!

When I was testing the amazing Pathfinder Vest for BigLittle I had one of those "aha!" moments! I just knew that it was begging for me to mash the Wild Things Coat hood and details onto the vest!  The results are amazing! I'm not lion! See what I did there?  

The Wild Things Coat (and Vest) are some of the most rewarding things to sew! They can be as unique as your little ones and they LOVE them! Look at all the details! The mane! The tail! Those pockets with the claws!  Not to mention the ears and toggles for closures! This might be my most favorite thing I've sewn thus far!

Perfect for pretend play at home or out and about the Wild Things are....well, groovy!  What animal should I make next?

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