Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Welcome to the Twig + Tale Blog Tour

Welcome to the Twig + Tale Blog Tour! Where Imagination Runs Wild!

Hello! Welcome to my stop on the Welcome to the Twig + Tale Blog Tour!
When I was approached and asked if I was interested in being a part of this amazing blog tour I jumped at the chance!  Formerly known as Big Little, Twig + Tale is a favorite pattern design company of mine!  Everything about Twig + Tale's aesthetic speaks to my soul!

Twig + Tale is a place where imagination runs wild and is for everyone who shares a love of creativity and an adventurous spirit - beginner sewers especially!  It's a celebration of the innocence of childhood and the wonder of nature.  It's about comfy clothes and warm things like hugs and capes and coats.  It's about handmade, love, and imaginary play - featuring classic, simple patterns that inspire us all to tell a story.

When I found out that Art Gallery was sponsoring the tour I literally jumped for joy!  Art Gallery has the very best fabrics on the market bar none! With the cutest prints and the luxurious feel of their 100% Premium Cotton, you really can "Feel The Difference"! Thank you Art Gallery for the amazing fabric!

I love making beautiful, fancy dresses and outfits but I also really love making items that my children can just be messy, silly, natural kids in! I find it inspiring that Twig + Tale puts an emphasis on upcycling and developing items that are fun and kid friendly while keeping classic lines and shapes!

For this tour I decided to make some of my favorite items and include both of my children!  Imaginary play is such a huge part of childhood so I thought back on my favorite fairy tales, folk tales, and fables and the story of Little Red Riding Hood jumped out at me!  Not only are Twig + Tale's patterns perfect for my children to recreate the story in our own style, but my son is currently obsessed with the big bad wolf!

For my daughter, I made the aptly named Little Red Riding Hood Cape by Twig + Tale.  I used a vibrant red wool (that I got for basically nothing when a certain fabric chain store went out of business) and lined it with Art Gallery's Capped Biome mushroom print from their Forest Floor collection.  Isn't that a perfect combination for a fun, natural, earthy little red?

To continue my Little Red's outfit I made the Pixie Shorts out of a wonderful goldenrod corduroy that picks up the golden brown tones from the Capped Biome print.  These shorts are so precious.  Paired with tights like I did here, it is perfect for fall!

The shirt is made from Art Gallery's Specktacular in Gold from The Essentials 11 collection, designed by Pat Bravo.  The gold specks were the perfect compliment to the goldenrod corduroy and the Capped Biome print!

My daughter was most excited to have me make her a doll for her to play with! This was my first attempt at the adorable Briar Doll and at hand embroidery!  Making dolls can be tricky and I found the instructions to be very helpful! I think it turned out cute even though there are mistakes.  The most important thing is that my daughter loves her!  Isn't she sweet? I used an Art Gallery cream solid and had enough of my Art Gallery fabric prints to use for her little shorts and the lining of her wrap top.  My daughter loves that she matches!

I posted earlier that my son is obsessed with The Big Bad Wolf.  I am not kidding!  To him, the wolf from all of the fairy tales/folk tales is the same!  While he mainly plays being The Big Bad Wolf from The Three Little Pigs story, huffing and puffing and blowing things down, he also loves chasing his sister as Little Red to blow her down and eat her!  By eat I mean give kisses!  Oh how the sweet mind of a three year old works!

I searched high and low to find the perfect fur for my sweet boy for this Wild Thing's Hooded Scarf and finally found it at a local store!  It's so soft and the variations give it that gorgeous arctic wolf vibe!  This was my first foray sewing with fake fur and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to manage!  I increased my seam allowance to 1/2" to make it easier for me as it was very thick and I think it turned out fabulous!  The tricky part is figuring out how to brush the pile so that the long fur strands don't all get caught in the seam! To fix a good majority when this happened to me, I just pulled the fur out of the seam with my handy little seam ripper!  It worked like a charm and was super easy and fast to get the look I wanted!  Another tip is to NOT pink or trim the seam at the very bottom of the tail! If you do, when you pull the fur out instead of having nice long, natural fur looking ends it will look like you cut the bottom of the tail off! 

My sweet fickle boy isn't showing it here but he loves the scarf so much he would sleep with it on if I let him!

I found this Menagerie in Onyx print from Art Gallery's Indian Summer collection to be the perfect choice for my lining! The sweet woodland creature's faces are such a fun addition! I imagine it to be all of the wolf's friends from the forest! I loved it so much I decided to use it not only for lining my really amazing wolf Wild Thing Hooded Scarf, but also the Pathfinder Vest!  Check out that lining placement of the fox in the center back of the vest!  That was a happy accident! 

Twig + Tale and Art Gallery are a match made in heaven!  With mindful, classic patterns and superior quality fabrics, the results will always be something to be cherished!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Wild Thing Modification on Pathfinder Vest

wild make my heart make everything...groovy...WILD THING!

When I was testing the amazing Pathfinder Vest for BigLittle I had one of those "aha!" moments! I just knew that it was begging for me to mash the Wild Things Coat hood and details onto the vest!  The results are amazing! I'm not lion! See what I did there?  

The Wild Things Coat (and Vest) are some of the most rewarding things to sew! They can be as unique as your little ones and they LOVE them! Look at all the details! The mane! The tail! Those pockets with the claws!  Not to mention the ears and toggles for closures! This might be my most favorite thing I've sewn thus far!

Perfect for pretend play at home or out and about the Wild Things are....well, groovy!  What animal should I make next?

Pattern Testing! Pathfinder Vest by BigLittle

Introducing the Pathfinder Vest from BigLittle

Recently I was able to test this amazing new vest pattern by BigLittle and I am in LOVE! What I really like about BigLittle Patterns is that they are always well written and well thought out, something that is not necessarily the case a lot of the time in the pattern industry! As a brand, it really focuses on upcycling anything that you may already own or can find in a thrift shop.  How great is that?!  It makes me so jealous that people can find these amazing wool blankets in their thrift shops to cut up and make gorgeous pieces with! That's definitely not something I can find around here in hot and sunny Florida (I've looked)! Next time I head north I'm stocking up!

Anyways...back to the vests!

This pattern is so versatile with 70 mix and match options! Yup, 70!!!  I could literally make 70 vests and they would each be different!  I chose to test the Crossroads version (not even included in the 70 options, its a free add on to her newsletter) vest, classic length with flutter sleeves with a yoke pleated back for my daughter and a v-neck, classic length, additional button stand version with pockets for my son! Whew! That's a mouthful! 

Check out these awesome details! I love this chunky button I used on my daughters pink corduroy vest, It adds the perfect splash of color! Do you see the little peek of the lining on the flutter sleeve? That makes my heart so happy! Flutter sleeves are my favorite thing to add to a girls item as it immediately makes it just that much more girly! I love doing things like adding a fun trim to the ends or a neat lining to give it interest!  

That row of wood buttons down my sons flannel vest is so fun too,  I love that I can open his vest up to give a more casual look (and a better view of his adorable mushroom lining)!

These vests are perfect for playing, exploring, jazzing up an outfit, school, any season really! Except maaaaaaybe the 90+ weather that we were having when I had the kids model them! They are good troopers to brave the heat for me! Big shoutout and thanks to my mom for taking these pictures for me! Thanks Mom!